Drink fermented mare's milk "Kumys" in Mongolia

fun fundraising idea Drink fermented mare's milk "Kumys" in Mongolia

Drink fermented mare's milk "Kumys" in Mongolia COMPLETED

First of all we have to apologize for the fact that we have somehow lost the video of us drinking the fermented mares milk. It basically tastes like milk with an average alcohol level of about 10-20%. What makes it taste less good is the fact that it is served at room temperature.
After you have 2-5 glasses of it though, one does get used to the taste and in the end we enjoyed it for the night.
The next day one quickly regrets its consumption though, as it is milk nonetheless. And who would drink 1L of milk right?!

Drink fermented mare's milk "Kumys" in Mongolia

The national drink of Mongolia is Kumys, fermented mare's milk. Before fermentation, mare's milk has almost 40% more lactose than cow's milk. Drinking 190 ml a day would be enough to give a lactose-intolerant person severe intestinal symptoms.

What you will get: A video of the lactose tolerant team members drinking this delicacy!
Plus the satisfaction of helping child refugees by donating to Condrobs e.V.




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